Many bands form to cope with the intense boredom of rural "life". In the case of Flieder, there weren't even enough people to form a band with contained within one village to begin with. Thomas from this place had to reach out to Thomas from that other place to get something going. And this is not only the beginning of the story but really its main theme: Thomas reaches out to Thomas, and together they grow music.

However, the story of Flieder isn't about how they mastered a genre, it's about them refining their message. Even if you were following Flieder from their first rehearsals over ten years ago, you likely wouldn't have noticed many of the profound adjustments the band has made, because they happened in the gear: From swapping the well-stomped Roland loop pedal for an Ableton-compatible trigger and taking the saw to said trigger in order to DIY it into a more suitable tool, to relaying each loop to a different amp, so sound engineer Thomas could start truly setting a stage with Flieder - each step chipping away some of the restraints that come from sticking with the tried and true and liberating Flieder's compository capacities.

Today, Flieder is kind of a band of three Thomases. Yet, one you'll only be aware of once you turn your head from the stage to the mixing desk.